Wall Decor for the Office

As a business owner, I know how important it is to make sure that working spaces are vibrant, interesting, and appealing to both employees and clients. A boring beige wall doesn’t stimulate the operations manager, nor does it show creativity to clients or visitors. The easiest way to add a little pep into the steps of colleagues and clients is to add a little color to the walls. And of course, what better way to do that than with an acrylic or metal print. Acrylic or metal prints are the perfect pieces of wall decor for the office because they are affordable, easy to maintain, and the customization allows you to really showcase what is important to your business and your team.

Easy to Clean and Care For

The only thing worse than a drab wall is a drab wall with dusty, old art. Traditional canvas prints can be hard to clean without damaging the artwork. Not to mention, canvas prints collect and trap dust since they are so textured. Acrylic and metal prints are easy to clean. They require only a dry cloth or a duster and some warm water to remove fingerprints or smudges. No harsh chemical cleaners are needed for the art to be dust-free, making your office look and smell a little brighter.

Another added bonus is that acrylic and metal prints will not fade over time. As long as they are kept out of direct sunlight, the colours will remain vibrant and shiny. You won’t have to keep replacing the office artwork.

The light weight of an acrylic print also means the art is easy to transfer and transport. Shuffling the artwork around to change things up doesn’t require a moving crew.

A Great Team Builder

Depending on your office size, a memo titled “Help Select Wall Decor for the Office” might be a fun way to break up a Wednesday afternoon and get your employees excited for some office upgrades. Voting on an image that would best suit the office, or even having employees submit potential images helps to boost some morale and break up the monotony of the workday routine. The added bonus is that employees can get a say on what they feel the best piece of art is for the office, which might show what they feel is important to their workspace or company.

As mentioned in The Guardian, workplaces benefit in having art. Employees feel less stressed, more productive, and more creative. Additionally, getting the team together to discuss a new office addition is an excellent way to develop communication, cooperation, and enhance the employee experience of the workplace.

Unique Wall Decor for the Office

If you’re a progressive office that likes to have fun (like a start-up), you might find it hard to reflect your fun-loving workspace in wall art while still looking professional. Since acrylic prints are totally customizable, you can chose any image, style, or idea that you want that will be professionally printed onto metal or acrylic. This means you have the freedom to choose a piece of artwork that best reflects your business without having to compromise on a professional look. As long as the image has been purchased from the artist, we can print it.

Instead of thumbtacks jammed into poster edges, you can check out our display options. Our display options, like stand-offs or a simple black frame, add professional flair to your artwork. You can think outside the picture frame.

A previous project makes an excellent focal point for the meeting room.

Showcase Your Employees and Your Business

Acrylic and metal prints highlight what is important to your company. Professional headshots lined up along a wall gives clients a face to an email address. These portrait galleries show that the the business values the visibility of its employees. But if space is limited, group photos show the whole team in only one elegant photo.

Some workplaces may be better suited to more candid shots that feature employees engaged in their work. Capturing these shots and displaying them to customers or clients can make the product and workplace feel authentic. An acrylic photo of a founding partner, or a metal print of the first piece of equipment purchased is a great way to commemorate your business’ roots.

Other images that make great wall decor for the office are soothing landscape panoramic prints. A nearby point of interest or your city’s skyline at sunset pays homage to the surrounding area of your business. These familiar scenes also have an effect of lowering the stress of employees.

All in all, acrylic and metal prints are fantastic options for any business owner looking to spruce up the workplace. As usual, we are available by phone or email 24/7. Don’t hesitate to reach out for ideas, inspiration, or to place an order for your newest workplace addition.