Glossy Metal Wall Art: Shiny and Show-Stopping

If you have perused our metal print section, you may have seen an option for a gloss varnish. And, you may have wondered what the difference between the gloss and non-gloss options were. This week’s blog post will go over that difference. What the gloss varnish is, when to use it, and how to create your own glossy metal wall art!

To Gloss or Not to Gloss?

As we discussed in a previous blog post, the main difference between acrylic prints and metal prints is reflectivity and sheen. Acrylic prints tend to be shinier, and more reflective. Metal prints are matte. Adding a gloss varnish, then, makes the metal print more reflective and shinier. The colors will come out vibrant and slick. In essence, the metal print will look more like an acrylic print.

But why wouldn’t you just get an acrylic print then? Well, metal prints can be placed outdoors, whereas acrylic prints cannot. So, to decorate an outdoors space, you will need a metal print.

Metal prints also have a different texture and look to them that acrylic cannot replicate. For example, a brushed metal print will have an industrial look do to the textured aluminum. Adding a varnish to a brushed metal print will add sheen, making the print look newer instead of more rustic. Also, adding gloss varnish to a white aluminum print will add higher contrast to the image, which will make the colors pop even more vibrantly than in an acrylic print.

Depending on the look you want, glossing is entirely up to you.

The Benefits of Glossy Metal Wall Art

The gloss varnish is an extra $10 on the price of your print. You can add this option easily before checking out, by selecting the option from the drop down menu on the order page. The gloss adds a high-quality shine to your art, making the matte metal reflective. If you want an alternative to acrylic prints, aluminum prints with varnish are an excellent choice.

By creating glossy metal wall art, you are investing in long-lasting decor that is unique to you. You choose and upload your own photos, meaning your wall art will be one-of-a-kind. A sunset from your favorite vacation, or a wedding photo would look great with a high-gloss finish.

glossy metal wall art sample
The varnish on this white metal print makes the moving lights seem even more crisp and real.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask! We are available 24/7 by phone or email.